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Monday, March 3

//you'll hate me after you read this.

im very hungry and bored and the whole block is cooking random damn nice smelly stuff to make my stummy very upset cos i have no food at home.
i have this Indian neighbour who cooks the bestest smelling curry EVERY night. omgosh.
sometimes i wish i was more friendly.
im damn lazy to change out and bathe cos the weather is madnessly cold, i think i need to install heater in my bathroom.
i dont want to start on my fyp cos i am damn tired from really doing nothing the whole day.
i have my favourite class tomorrow and im vaguely excited about it.
everyone has asked me about my honeymooon, and more people are getting his name right with the J. so goodie to that.
i feel like cutting my hair. it's damn hayish. i want my deep purple again. why cant that freaking colour last? maybe i should shave and get a wig. ok, no.
im gonna ramble till i hear my daddy's key slide in the lock.
today's my granny's birthday. i dont know why is there no huge mega celebration like always. i want to eat some good foood. tho i have had feasts for the past weeeks. haiyah.
i really cant believe im wasting my 10minutes doing this nonsense post which is adding no value to my life. but then again shit like this happens eh. when you feel like you've left your brain in the corner of the room and your i dont know heart downstairs and your legs like on the sofa or something. ok thats just gross.
i think im going to go down and give my ugly new swing another chance.
omgosh my lao dou is backk. yaynesss. FOOD. =D

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Tuesday, December 21

I am finally back! 12 days in Egypt is a little too long cos it gets a little draggy.. yikes.. I dont really have the urge to blog so shall just write stuff.

The pyramids were really magnificent! Really!!! I stood in awe in front of that grand structure and really wonder how brilliant the Egyptians were 5000 years ago!

The inscriptions were amazing too! Its a wonder how they managed to inscribe those words onto the limestones back then! With just really simple tools.. or maybe they were more advanced than us! Hmm..

The towering statues were a sight and those pharos were really crazy about power! They’re so obsessed with their after life that their tombs are of much significance compared to their palaces.

Yikes.. I dont feel like writing.. will post pics up soon! Then you will get the idea.. haha..

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Thursday, December 9

i’m just don’t with my packing.. gonna be gone for 12 whole days.. am really gonna miss him.. argh.. and my mum, she doesn’t allow him to send me off!! I really don’t understand.. she doesn’t want my relative and her friends to see him!! What’s her problem?? Arghh.. why is she so ashamed of him? I really don’t know.. I thought she ‘accepted’ him.. whatever the case he’s my man and that’s final. Arghhhhhh.. I’m just plain irritated..

I met him before his prom today.. man.. he looks good! Haha.. I know that was uncalled for but today I feel like I just fell in love again! Feel so happy and am missing him so much.. it’s a feeling I haven gotten for a long time.. haha.. oops.. but it’s back! And I’m so glad it’s back.. but we’re gonna part so so soon.. freaks! Why am I like so love-sick puppy today? I’m mad.. I seriously think I’m crazy..

Anyhus, I cant wait for my trip.. hope it’s gonna be wonderful and exotic.. will post pics!! So check out the majestic pyramids in 12days time! Hahaa..

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Tuesday, December 7

oh my goodness! i can finally blog again! yeehaa!!
*sigh* prom last night was a disaster. it wasn't just boring. it came with humiliation. dont ask about it.. eekz
the stayover at pan pac was fun!
wanted to go clubbing, for like the first time but end up in a pub at chijmes. it wasnt that bad.. joan, peiqin, kingman, teresa, marinah and me sat down and yakked for hours! talked about GUYS. haha.. and yepp, conclusion is, flings are better than relationships!!
haha.. should i agree? i really dont know. he's going off to the army soon. it's in a month's time and i am going egypt for 2 weeks. that leaves us with just 2 weeks! sigh.. as much as i cant wait to work and earn some extra buckeroos to shop till i drop, i really am gonna miss him.. he has always been around and i've almost spent every free day with him! (ohmy.. i know that's a nono.. haha..) so what am i supposed to do without him! argh. i just have to get used to a new lifestyle. freaks.
and back to last night.. i finally realise that i really really cant hold liquor. it was only a gulp and yeh.. you guessed right.. i had a headache and was really giddy.. that probably means no clubbing for me! hahaa..
tonight's AC's prom.. i hope it's ten times better than tj's.
alright. i'm back to that disorganised me, having random thoughts.. and me nose is running so badly.. yikes.. i need some sleep.. takecare poeple.. loveya all.. *muacks

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Monday, October 11

a moment of infidelity.


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Wednesday, October 6

i'm bored i'm bored i'm so bored!!

skipped lit lect and am in the hub now.. blogging.. haha..
i think my life's pretty screwed up.. everything aint going my way alright. as much as i want to sink the penknife blade into my wrist, i have no guts. -_-
i hate my results, but then again i'm not working hard enough! when i get home, i'll just so automatically push that on button and it'll be on until my mum gets back.. and when the clock strikes 10.30, my brain switches off.. i will gaze longingly at that nice warm bed of mine wanting to jump into it at that very instance! is the whole world facing the same problem or is it just me! *sobs
and i hate my relationship. we have no time for each other! maybe i should just break up. i need a breather. yikes!

random thoughts of a confused mind. very confused.

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Wednesday, September 22

yeeehaaaa! it's over it's over it's finally over! *muacks to the world!* i feel like i just dreamt my prelims away! ohmy.. *guilt striken look* but who cares.. it's over.. no more trying to finish up that last sentence while trying to look like you're writing your name.. no more trying to thread the string through that punched hole with my shivering hands, no more numbness and excruciating pain in my right hand! no more touching of the pen.. well.. at least for the rest of the week..

anyway, people!! when's dim sum! should we do it after school sometime next week and.. eat our stress away? hahaha..i just pray the response will be a wee bit better! give some suggestions k? let this be our... FIRST class outing! hahahaha...

jess: i miss you so much too! why are you almost unreachable? tell me more about your life k? let's run away from everything at the end of the year!
kye: you pangseh me! horrible person! haha.. study hard alrite? mama loves you!
kana!!!!! i miss you can! so glad i saw you... for like FIVE min in town on teacher's day! hahaha.. we'll catch up sooon! meantime takecare!!! mug hard okok??

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